Oh ! Invisalign cost Montreal

Oh ! Invisalign cost Montreal

How much are invisalign braces

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Invisalign Can Correct an Overbite,

Invisalign can be used to correct an overbite depending on the severity of the problem. The

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decision for extractions to aid in correction of an overjet / overbite problem can be made after careful evaluation of models and radiographs by an orthodontist.

Extractions are usually completed by an oral surgeon or a dentist, not the orthodontist. Retainers are required after the orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is a great treatment appliance to resolve many types of tooth alignment problems.

However some types of occlusion (bite) problems are beyond the ability of the Invisalign appliance to resolve completely to an optimum result. Whether or not you will need to have teeth removed in solving your biting problems, or use different approaches such as rubber bands/elastics, can only be determined by consulting with a university trained orthodontic specialist. After taking diagnostic records (models, pictures and x-rays) of your face, teeth and jaw bones the orthodontic specialist would then be able to advise you of what would be appropriate in your situation.

Overcoming Dental Bite Problems

The orthodontist specialist would also be able to help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages to any possible options for your treatment plan in resolving your dental bite problems. The procedures and expenses involved in possible tooth extraction, additional procedures like circumferential gingival fiber re-alignment, and the ending retainer appliance, retention and supervision time, are all separate of the actual Invisalign treatment, tooth movement and bite correction procedures.

Your orthodontist specialist may decide to include some of these separate procedures and expenses within the total treatment fee for your particular treatment plan. Some orthodontists specialists prefer to separate out each procedure so that you are aware of the cost and commitment your specialist has made to provide specific procedures for you. An orthodontic specialist typically limits their practice to just orthodontic and orthopedic treatment procedures. It would be typical for your orthodontic specialist to refer you to your general dentist or to an oral surgeon for procedures like extraction of teeth.

Protrusion Of The Upper Front Teeth

An overbite (technically “overjet”) is a protrusion of the upper front teeth extending forward of the lower front teeth. Invisalign tooth aligners will correct this overbite under certain conditions. Space creation can be performed between the teeth, called interproximal reduction (“IPR”), to pull these teeth backward to reduce the protrusion, though this treatment modality has limitations based on the … READ MORE

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